2018 Top Trends in Home Interior

22 Feb 2018 Top Trends in Home Interior

Get ahead of the curve this year and revamp your home interior with this year’s trends.

2018 top trends in home interior

Home stylistic theme are anticipated to be bolder than years before—from clear gem tones, luxury velvet, and metal offset with natural accents present in the home interior game. If you are one of those people who finds remodeling therapeutic, or just really love revamping your home interior every now and then, we have sourced out the internet, browsed some of the top home interior blogs and listed down what might work for your home!

Regardless of whether you are building your first ever house, revamping a whole room, or simply looking to just make a couple of updates and redesigns all through your property, here’s a rundown of a few of the most sizzling 2018 home interior trends.



Wabi-sabi is a Japanese trend which seems to be the major home interior buzz this 2018. It is all about finding beauty in imperfection. It involves grounding oneself by forming a deep connection to the earth and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. It values simplicity, uncluttered, underplayed, and modest surroundings. Authenticity is key to wabi-sabi philosophy: the presence of cracks and scratches in things are considered to be symbolic of the passing of time, weather, and loving use–and should be embraced. Another facet to wabi-sabi is the idea of the “obvious pretty” vs. “unique beauty.”

Rich Pigments

“Grey may still be the neutral of choice for many interiors, but colour is set to be bolder this year. We’re feeling braver with colour choices – on both walls and furniture pieces, as sofa colour choices of late have demonstrated. Moody interiors are more popular than ever, too, with brooding violet, navy and striking emerald green all key colours for 2018.” (from Ideal Home UK)

Circle Patterns

“Hard geometrics are going to be huge and circles are the new triangle. You can start small with accent pillows or dive in with graphic wallpaper.” (From House Beautiful) Plus, the circle being the symbol of infinity, it also suggests a myriad number of solutions for storing and decorating your home.

Statement Ceilings

For centuries, the statement ceiling was the ultimate sign of luxury (think Versailles). For 2018 top trends on home interior, you can adapt this very style. With the right paint, fabric, or decorative plaster, the ceiling can become a striking statement. Ceilings have a large effect on the overall ambience, outlook, and lighting of your home. Walls notably carry eye-level color and decorations, but ceilings set the tone and character of your property.

Spa-inspired Bathroom

There are different ways to escape the weekday stress. Some go for out of town trips on weekends, some sleep their way during rest days, and some others find way to relax and recharge at their own homes—inside the comfort of their bathrooms. This trend adapts the look of a spa, or a vacation spot which consequently allows peace and relaxation.


There you have it. Whether you’re looking to just make a few updates and upgrades to your home or thinking about remodeling an entire room or your whole house, 2018 is a very exciting year for home design. Here at Soul Finance Group, our goal is to offer financial guidance to homeowners wanting to improve their lives, such as renovating the look of their homes. If you’re looking to upgrade and improve your home in 2018 but needing help in finance, call Kirsten on 0408 081 082 for a complimentary consultation.








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