A Basic Guide to Your Christmas Checklist

07 Dec A Basic Guide to Your Christmas Checklist

Few more weeks ‘til Christmas, have you accomplished everything in your Christmas checklist?

A basic guide to your Christmas checklist

The holidays are here! This time of the year is the most exciting, not to mention expensive and hectic! With the holiday rush, we tend to always forget something. So to help you avoid that (and avoid unnecessary spending), we are giving you an easy guide for that ultimate Christmas checklist.

Grab your pen and paper and add these to your Christmas checklist to prevent you from forgetting important items until the last minute!

Home Decorations

The most notable transformation for Holidays is probably the moment when lights and various Christmas decorations go up. Nothing says Christmas like 20 Santas on your front porch! Of course, the Christmas tree is the star of the “show.” The trend now is buying artificial trees that can be stored for a year and can be used over and over again. For other decorations such as the ones you put on the staircase, to your doors, and/or cabinets, you can check out dollar stores for some cheap but quality items. Thrift stores are also a great place to shop for Christmas decorations that you can get at a much cheaper price.

Christmas Dinner

Whatever your tradition for Christmas eve or Christmas day is, you’ll want to include a Christmas meal for family or even friends in your checklist. Decide on what meals to prepare and then create a list of all the things to buy. Most people wait until a week or two to do their holiday meal shopping. But if you want to avoid the crowd and the traffic, schedule your shopping earlier. You might score discounts for some food items on your list. All you need to worry about are the perishable items that you can purchase a week before Christmas.


Gifts will probably get the biggest chunk on your list in terms of budgeting during the holidays. While I can advise you to start your gift shopping early to save you both time and stress, that may not possibly work since Christmas day is fast approaching (2 weeks!). The good news is some of the good deals happen during this time as people start to shop so stores drop their prices to clear out inventory and tempt people to buy more! Hint: purchase items that you either know aren’t likely to go on sale or are already specially packaged for the holidays.

There you go! Some of the basics in your Christmas checklist which you can use as a guide especially if you are sticking to a set budget. So have at it, make your list and check it twice!


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