09 Nov We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Our habits can dictate our lifestyle. Our financial habits, specifically, can determine the kind of practice we wish to apply in our daily lives.  For today’s entry, I won’t be bombarding you with financial terms or tips and trivia about your home loan. Consider this as...

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26 Oct Why You Should Refinance

Applying for a new loan to replace your existing loan is called refinancing. Consumers are often advised to consider refinancing in order to obtain a better interest rate and payment term. Instead of throwing out the original mortgage and creating a new one, the current...

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14 Sep How to Switch Lenders and Potentially Save on Your Budget

Most home loan owners are playing safe by sticking to their lenders to avoid uncertainty and hassle, but switching lenders can potentially save you money on interest. [caption id="attachment_1978" align="aligncenter" width="940"] How to switch lenders and potentially save on your budget[/caption] If you are thinking of purchasing...

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