How To Spring Clean your Home Loan (VIDEO)

06 Sep How To Spring Clean your Home Loan (VIDEO)

It’s spring time! Whilst many of us consider this season to be cleaning up our houses– it should not be limited to the insides of our homes!

You might be in the mood to declutter any unnecessary stuff in your home and while you’re at it, you might want to take a second look at your current home loan.

At the end of this video, answer these questions:

✔ Am I paying an unreasonably high interest rate?
✔ Am I paying outrageous fees?
✔ Am I frustrated by inadequate service?
✔ Does my loan give me the features I need?
✔ Am I paying for features I don’t use?
✔ Have my financial circumstances changed?


For a complementary assessment, call Kirsten on 0408 081 082.

(If you want a written version of this, check this article we published.)

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