5 Perth Mumtrepreneurs That You Need to Know About Now

09 May 5 Perth Mumtrepreneurs That You Need to Know About Now

For most mumtrepreneurs (mums who are entrepreneurs), juggling a career and taking care of the family isn’t an easy task. Staying motivated (or just sane) can be a challenge so we could all use some major inspiration.

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5 Perth Mumtrepreneurs That You Need to Know About Now

I’ve turned to some of Perth-based businesses who are owned by mums for inspiration on running a business while successfully raising their kids. Some have a fulltime office role while others quit their day job just to branch out on their own.

It wasn’t a walk in the park. So in celebration of Mother’s Day, I’ve rounded up a list of Perth mumtrepreneurs who inspire us to never stop hustling.


Might Able is a business dedicated to celebrating all abilities. It is owned by Emma Albert, mum of Mighty Mikey. (Check out their story!) Emma’s journey wasn’t easy and she was on an emotional rollercoaster. However, she wanted to take the focus away from what they are told they can’t/won’t do and make everyone feel inspired and empowered. Her business features inclusion clothing with some powerful statements. The proceeds ensure Mikey’s continual improvement.


Two girlbosses, Jo Alilovic—an employment lawyer and a business owner, and Lucy Dickenrs, a senior associate, have a penchant for inspiring fellow women who are juggling their career and family life. They host “The Jungle Podcast” where they interview like-minded mum jugglers, thought leaders and employers to try to uncover what makes the juggle successful.


Lauryn Stanlake is an internationally certified newborn, infant and child sleep consultant. She works with parents who are sleep deprived, emotional, exhausted and doubting themselves at every turn and who are so overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there that they are unable to make a clear decision and follow through.

She herself went through 8 months of severe sleep deprivation with her firstborn before seeking help. Now, she wanted to provide that same help to mums who need it.


In.dulge Perth sells the most divine strawberry towers, dessert cups, cupcakes and more. This was initiated by Sophia Adam and Dana Parker 3 years ago, having 3 babies under 3 between them. Running this business for them means constantly working between naps, having business meetings during breastfeeding sessions, and responding to emails/enquiries after bedtime.


A rejuvenating massage experience for women to ease discomfort, relieve stress and experience total relaxation during pregnancy, post-birth and beyond—that’s what Blissful Mama Massage Therapy is all about. Owned by Katrina Van Biljon, this is a convenient mobile and clinic-based service which offers a range of massage therapies, specialising in pregnancy, post natal and relaxation massage for women or relaxation/deep tissue for men. Whether you are seeking a pampering experience or need to ease discomfort in muscles and joints, they make it easy to take time out to nurture yourself.


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