5 Tips for Christmas Shopping to Save You Time and Money

09 Dec 5 Tips for Christmas Shopping to Save You Time and Money

Doing some holiday shopping? Here are some helpful tips to help you save time and money.

5 tips for Christmas shopping to save you time and money

Christmas is in the air! Time flies so fast. I will make this quick as I reckon you decided to check out this article because you barely have the time for some holiday shopping or you’re on a tight budget. So if you are one of those people who want to maximise the time you’re devoting for this year’s Holiday gift-giving, here are the tips:

Shop where you are.

Get as much done as possible in one place. No matter where you are, there are so many gift ideas around you. For instance, if you are in a grocery store and you realise there’s not enough time to run across town to get something for a friend who’s hosting a Christmas dinner, head over to the liquor section of the store and get your friend a bottle of wine or to the fruit aisle and give her/him a fruit basket. If you don’t have the luxury of time and badly needing a gift, regardless of where you are, you’ll be sure to find that perfect present if you put your gifting mindset.

Shop when you are.

Maximise the time whenever you’re shopping. While this might be a helpful tip if you had set your Christmas shopping a little earlier, take this advice, still, for future reference. If you found a gift but you thought it’s perfect for a certain occasion other than Christmas, buy it anyway. You’ll never know when you might be super busy and by shopping when you are, at least you have the perfect gift ready.

Re-gifting is okay.

You might think this is just too impolite but think of decluttering and recycling. Receiving a vase but realising it doesn’t really fit your living room motif will only result to another clutter in your basement. Set it aside and there will come a perfect time where a friend or a family of yours will need it more than you do.

Common gift for everyone is a good idea.

Don’t have much time to think for a specific gift for each person on your list? Think “themed gift.” Buy a common gift for everyone. It could be a shirt, a cap, an accessory—you can customise it by adding a personal touch such as choosing their favourite color or adding their nicknames on it.

Maximise the internet.

When all else fail, Mr. Google can save the day. Search the internet for some good deals online. Most of the shops are offering huge discounts especially now that Christmas day is fast approaching. Compare prices. Take advantage of online shopping and door-to-door delivery.

If you lack time or even budget, there are many ways you can go around to complete your Holiday shopping. Need finance? Consult with me today to discuss your options! Call 0408 081 082.

Reference: 8 Tips for Holiday Gift Giving to Save You Time and Money by Deanne Marie


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