All the Apps You Need this 2020 for Fitness, Productivity, and Finance

05 Feb All the Apps You Need this 2020 for Fitness, Productivity, and Finance

If you’re serious about hitting your fitness, work, and finance goals this 2020, here are the apps you need to download without breaking the bank.

Whether you wish to keep up with your workout routine, maintain productivity at work, or monitor where your money goes, apps proved to be the best tools in making your life extra easier. 

All the apps you need this 2020 for fitness, productivity, and finance

There are over a thousand apps available on iOS and Android. To help you trim down your options, here are the top apps worth checking out. Hint: They are all FREE!



Think of MyFitnessPal as a personal guide on your journey to better health. You have access to your daily calories plus macronutrients designed for your unique body and goals. It also tracks all your activities so not only do you know how much you’re taking in, but you also see how much you’re putting out. You also get to scan barcodes of packaged foods to see the nutritional information! Helps in making grocery shopping and healthy choices easier.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a yoga-inspired fitness app that has guided yoga flows alongside “regular” workouts, which still have some yoga elements in them. It’s a perfect fitness app for those looking for other workouts to complement your yoga practice (or vice versa). In the app, you can input your goals, track your progress, and choose classes and programs based on how much time you have or the intensity you’re after.


This app lets you organise your tasks, lists and reminders in one easy to-do app. It syncs seamlessly across all of your devices, making your to-do list accessible everywhere. A voice-entry feature lets you add items to your task list just by speaking. Calendar integration is available for better task list management.


24me is a smart virtual assistant app that helps you make sense of your business day and appointments by combining calendar features, a to-do-list, and note-taking. It can provide smart notifications such as a heads-up notice for the next day’s events and tasks, the right time to leave for your next appointment based on traffic conditions, and weather alerts.


Money Brilliant

This app lets you connect your accounts and enables you to get a complete view of your money that will help you understand where you really stand. You can connect your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages, superannuation and even loyalty cards. It’s “brilliant” because it can detect your bills and can remind you when they are due, whether they have been paid, or if they were missed!


Its tagline is “the financial app for your social life.” Finch lets you create your group, add bills, split now, and settle later. If you’re travelling overseas, you can use its FX conversion feature to track holiday spending, even when you’re offline.


Moneytree links all your bank accounts, credit cards, and digital money to your points, superannuation, and cash spending. It uses AI to consolidate all of these it into a financial picture. It gives you an idea of your spending habits by analysing the date, time, place and size of every purchase made on your accounts.


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