Never Too Late for Success: Inspiring Stories of Middle-Aged Women

05 Mar Never Too Late for Success: Inspiring Stories of Middle-Aged Women

Have you ever felt like you should have achieved more by now? Be inspired with these women who proved that age doesn’t define success.

middle-aged women sitting in front of a laptop
Never too late for success: inspiring stories of middle-aged women

When you hear or read about certain success stories of some individuals, they are often young entrepreneurs under 30, fresh-faced innovators, and influencers who seem to figure it out at an early age. While it’s great to compliment these people on their big breaks, most middle-aged folks wonder where they went wrong in their youth.

Women’s Struggles

Women, in particular, perhaps have it more challenging because of struggles in the workforce, societal standards, giving birth, having to raise the kids, and some other issues they often go through that tend to delay their dreams. Chances are, these women park their ideas and passion for a while. It is inspiring to learn stories about women who are crushing it in their mid-to-late adulthood. 

Viral Tweet

In celebration of the International Women’s Day on March 8, we wish to highlight success stories of middle-aged women who just got their big breaks. We are sharing with you one tweet that had gone viral. TV writer and producer Melissa Hunter asked people to share their middle-age success stories and the netizens impressively delivered.

Not Yet Too Late

Here are some of the stories that were shared. We are in awe!

Shelly Hoover 54 years old, a veteran, has 4 grandchildren, published her first novel last January—all of these while her body is paralysed with ALS!

Maria Zee 65 years old. She wanted to be a painter all her life. She started just 5 years ago and now she’s finally one!

Julia Lalla – Maharajh49 years old. She gave up her corporate career at 37 years old after realising she won’t be able to have kids because of endometriosis. She volunteered in Cambodia and Ethiopia and set up a charity to help end female genital cutting globally. 

Tracy M.47 years old. She’s a mother of four who released her full-length book 2 years ago. Now she just started law school!

Abigail DisneyHer first film was at the age of 48, got her first Emmy at 52, and her first Tony at 59. No biggie.

R.A.L. PhillipsShe became a paid firefighter at the age of 48 and the only female to pass the Candidate Physical Abilities Test at that time. Talk about female power!

Ghislaine Couvillat44 years old, she quit her job in London and moved to France to start a film production company. She wanted a complete change in lifestyle and career and wished to create documentary film full time. Now her film is involved in 4 documentaries this year.

Emma MayLaunched her own clothing line at the age of 48, with 2 kids on the side! Giving some real momtrepreneur vibe!

Hope you got inspired with these success stories because we sure did! It is easy to get intimidated by others’ accomplishments especially in the age of social media. But everyone has their own timeline and life is it not a race! Age is just number and it certainly doesn’t define success. What’s important is you believe in yourself and know that you are more than capable of achieving your dreams, no matter what your age is. 

Happy Women’s Day!


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