The Illuminate Series: ‘Elite Property Campaigns’

22 Nov The Illuminate Series: ‘Elite Property Campaigns’

Passionate about two things, Gia Le found a balance between ‘digital marketing’ and ‘real estate’ and built Elite Property Campaigns (EPC). Learn how the Bosslady from EPC managed to be at the forefront of this industry.

Gia Le, founder and owner of Elite Property Campaigns

The real estate industry and the digital marketing world both have a competitive nature. Gia Le, founder and owner of EPC, was able to cut through the clutter and established a brand that has a huge potential.

True enough, being just 2 years in business, Elite Property Campaigns are serving their clients with the highest of quality and delivering the vision they initially set.

“Can you share a little bit of information about what you do in your business and what makes you stand out amongst your competitors?”

Elite Property Campaigns is a digital marketing agency and we collaborate with some of Perth’s most recognisable real estate brands, delivering innovative digital solutions with international reach. As the Founder and Business Owner, I set the vision for the company, empower my team to innovate and most importantly, make sure we don’t go broke.

We are the only marketing agency in Western Australia that specialises in property with a data driven approach to create our campaigns by researching information from the ABS Census to make informed and educated strategies which deliver results.

“What made you decide to branch out on your own and build Elite Property Campaigns?”

I excelled in Finance in my earlier career with a keen eye for analytics, then started in real estate when I decided to use a digital strategy to gain traction. I sold 20 homes in my first of real estate and realised there was a huge niche in the market that was not being met by any marketer or digital agency. I combined my passion for digital marketing with data analysis and within that afternoon of telling my colleague about my business, I had 2 paying clients.

“What is your leadership style?”

I would like to think it is a combination of:

  • Transformational where I encourage them to innovate through mental stimulation
  • Democratic because I do listen to their input and recommendations before making a final decision
  • Charismatic because I like to make my team laugh

“What were the struggles you encountered in building your business along the way and how did you approach these?”

Building the infrastructure to your business is tough because there is no precedence and you’re moving into zones where you lack certain skills like managing cashflow, marketing or sales. The key is to recognise these weaknesses and I invested very heavily into areas where I didn’t have the skills or experience to build the necessary infrastructure for the business. Never see growing your business as an expense, it’s an investment.

“With the Holidays season, how are you gearing up in terms of running your business and also leading/managing your employees?”

We are shutting down for 2 weeks so the next month will be extremely busy and challenging both mentally and physically. I’m regularly checking in with each staff member to ensure they’re happy, engaged and productive. I actually don’t have an office and my Executive Assistant sits on the opposite end of the office so I walk to her about 10 times a day – making me highly visible to the team which encourages them to create dialogue with myself. It’s about creating visibility and being approachable.

“The future ahead of you is dark. You are holding a ‘magic light bulb’ which has the power to illuminate any part in your future. (means you can take a peek of your future 😉) What part are you seeing?”

In five years, I’ll be seeing all the young graduates I’ve made an impact on in their professional careers. Many would have gone onto creating spectacular careers with other agencies because they’ve received the training EPC has given them and most importantly, they will be champions of the culture we shared with them.

I’ll also be extremely proud for knowing EPC set a new precedence in the way we market real estate and raising industry standards, meaning to list a property is simply not enough.


Starting your own business is no easy task. You just got to have the heart and passion to make it work. Like what Gia said, “never see growing your business as an expense, it’s an investment.” Identify your weaknesses and areas where you struggle. Find the right resources and work on these. If you’re hungry for success, no amount of excuses should stop you.

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