The Illuminate Series: ‘The Gifting Pot’

29 Aug The Illuminate Series: ‘The Gifting Pot’

Meet Lyn Uniewicz, your personal gift concierge. Discover her inspiration in building her brand thereby making it one of the trendiest boutiques in Perth.

Hey ladies, and gents! We are officially launching our “Illuminate series” where we feature small businesses in Perth once a month. Our goal is to highlight (or illuminate!) the success stories of each brand and how were they able to pull it off, especially in such a competitive market!

And since it’s Father’s day this weekend, what better way to kick it off than to start with something about gifts. Yes, we are talking about Perth’s gift concierge, Lyn Uniewicz, owner of The Gifting Pot.


“What is ‘The Gifting Pot’ all about?”

The Gifting Pot is a boutique gifting service, that has personality. [It] offers and delivers quality, sustainable, and on trend gifts with real values. I didn’t want to be a “cookie cutter” gifting business. I wanted to set myself apart from the conventional hamper or gift box, and create a meaningful and practical gift that continues to give, is remembered, and “keeps growing for some time to come.”

So, this is why I focus the gifts based around garden pots and seeds.  Every gift pot starts with a beautiful garden pot and custom seeds, creating a gift that is remembered, is environmentally-friendly, and continues to give when the seeds are planted. It’s why we call it “The gift that keeps growing.”

“The gift that keeps growing”

“Why did you build/create it?”

I have always loved gifting! I love seeing people enjoy the gifts that I have given or presented to them! After scouting the net for a really special personalised gift and not finding what I was looking for, I felt the market was lacking a thirst for unique quality products with a bit of flair and so this is where my desire to become involved in gifting began and the Gifting Pot seed” was planted.


“How were you able to pull it off?”

I invest[ed] a lot of time researching and sourcing quality gifts. I work[ed] with some amazing local and interstate suppliers, who support and encourage my journey.


(Of course, we did not pass up the opportunity to ask Lyn about gifts for Father’s Day!)

“Can you provide sample gifts for Father’s Day at every price point?”

All gifts pots range from $99 – $200 and are all customised, and thoughtfully curated, offering something for everyone, whether corporate or personal.

With Father’s Day coming up, we have customised some gift pots that we know Dad will love!

Whether Dad is a coffee or tea lover or enjoys a cold beer or a nice glass of red, we’ve got you covered!

Our standard gift pot starts at $99 and there are many products to choose from! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram for all the details and options; but remember that orders close this Friday.

(So, hurry up guys! Today’s the last day!)

A sample Father’s day gift

“What is your illuminating realization as a business owner so far?”

It’s not always easy working for yourself.  You have to keep self-motivated, be organized, and manage your time well.  It’s about having the right attitude and the passion for what you do and make continual progress everyday. Have a vision, make a plan, and work on it everyday and just be the best you can be!


“The future ahead of you is dark. You are holding a ‘magic light bulb’ which has the power to illuminate any part in your future. What part are you seeing?”

I like this one!!! I’m seeing freedom, doing things how I want to do them and having fun…lots of fun along the way!! and live the best life that I can live!


(We might make this the official and constant question for this series.)

 There you have it! If you don’t have the luxury of time to curate a meaningful gift this Father’s day, be sure to check out Lyn on her social media channels. Her website is still on the work so watch out for that!


And to all the Fathers out there, we send you our sincerest greetings. Enjoy your day!

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