The Illuminate Series: ‘Fusion Biz Babes’

11 Oct The Illuminate Series: ‘Fusion Biz Babes’

What started as a passion fueled with a mission to put a “twist” in networking, became one of Perth’s successful communities for women entrepreneurs. Be inspired with Ashley Matkovic’s story and how she made Fusion Biz Babes the way it is right now.

Ashley Matkovic, founder of Fusion Biz Babes

We are now in the second installment of our campaign, “The Illuminate Series,” where we highlight one Perth small business every month in the hopes of inspiring our readers to take the plunge and start something they’ve long been wanting to do. (If you want to read our first installment, click here.)

Here at Soul Finance Group, we’re a big believer in entrepreneurship. There are a myriad number of benefits—it gives you more control over your financial future and more social capital than almost anything else in the modern times. We consider it one of the best routes to self-empowerment and social change that we know of, giving women the ability to excel on their own terms instead of being trapped in the limbo of a toxic work environment.

Hence, we now put the spotlight on Ashley Matkovic, founder of Fusion Biz Babes. With a growing community she built from scratch, we’re curious as how she was able pull it off!

“Tell us about your business and what makes you unique amongst others in your industry.”

Fusion Biz Babes is a welcoming community for female business owners in Perth. The main point of difference is that we put genuine relationship building before making sales.  No-one likes a million biz cards being thrown at them right!

I wanted to create a safe, welcoming and FUN space for women in business to meet, connect and share experiences & expertise – because we all know being in business for ourselves is not always easy.

Since launching The Fusion Membership in March 2017, we have now grown to 140+ members, where we meet in-person at regular events, and strengthen those connections in our online Facebook group.

“Why did you decide to start Fusion Biz Babes?”

I am on a mission to make networking fun again!  Surrounding yourself with likeminded people who are motivated, empowering, and supportive is the KEY to success.

So, I started Fusion Biz Babes as a less daunting way to get around the right people.  To eliminate the awkwardness that sometimes comes along with networking, and cut through the small talk to drive real conversations.  I want our members to look forward to getting out there and building their network, rather than it just being another thing on their to-do list.

How do you learn?”

I am an audio learner.  I go on a run and throw on my fave podcast (loving Entrepreneur On Fire and the Foundr Podcast.) I jump in the car and pop on an audiobook (currently listening to Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley.)  Even if I’m just doing the dishes or having a shower, I will pop on a Masterclass and listen and learn – multi-tasking at its finest!

Ashley, in her element

What was your/were your greatest struggle/s in building this empire, so far?”

Definitely would have to be mindset.  I struggled with putting myself out there, worrying what others would think, and having those imposter syndrome thoughts of who am I to be doing this.  I keep on top of my mindset by constantly working on strengthening it – through investing in personal development such as coaches, kinesiology, podcasts, courses, events, seminars, books.

Surrounding myself with the right people who pick me up, give me a pep talk or a butt-kicking when needed helps too!

What are your motivations to keep going?”

FREEDOM!  On 6th October 2017 (1 year ago!) I achieved my ultimate dream of becoming my own boss.  After almost 3 years of side-hustling I had finally built Fusion Biz Babes to the point where I could quit my day job and support myself working full time on the business.

To be able to choose HOW I spend my days, WHO I work with, WHAT projects I work on, and WHEN I work has been a huge source of happiness for me, as freedom is one of my top values.

Anytime I am having a tough day, I remind myself I would much rather be facing these challenges, than working for someone else!

The future ahead of you is dark. You are holding a ‘magic light bulb’ which has the power to illuminate any part in your future. (means you can take a peek of your future 😉) What part are you seeing?”

Great question!  I’ve never been to a psychic for the exact reason that I don’t want to know!  I’d rather live it and feel it as it happens.

But if I had to answer, I would probably say family… how many kiddies will I have and what will they be like!?!?


Thank you again to Ashley for accepting our invitation to get featured in our series! If you wish to grow your network, you might want to consider reaching out to Ashley and check her business, Fusion Biz Babes.

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